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Major rehabilitation works on national axes DRC

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Interactive map on DRC conflict

Mining map, end of May, 2008

BLUE : Searching licences. Hired yearly 2,55 US$ the "mining square" ( 85 Ha) - called "taxe superficiaire annuelle"

YELLOW Licence to exploit Hired yearly 424,78 US$ far 85 Ha. - called "taxe superficiaire annuelle"
BROWN : Carreers for building stones

WHITE : No mining work allowed (National parks)

THe new Provinces of Congo

They have been crated by a law voted 2006, but not implemented yet

Map of Congo : Administration

Map of Congo : Geologics

Map of the Airports of Congo

Hydrographic Map of Congo

Climatic Map of Congo

The areas of the fours main national languages

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A satellite map of Tanganyika Lake

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