The Pailotte (A "Straw Hut")

The first two
photos show Jean at the
very beginning, close up and from the just outside the kitchen, respectively,
with his building materials behind him.  


The third photo shows what he'd completed by the end of the first day
(the roof), while photo fourth photo shows Jean after nearly two days'
work, standing in front of the bare-bones paillote.  




I opted to add a "skirt,"
(from the back, looking toward the house).     The last photo shows the paillote a couple of
months later, after we'd put down grass and a concrete entryway and put chairs
and a table inside the paillote and a little decoration outside.    
The paillote was a great place to sit down over refreshments with folks who came
to visit.     I also often would have my morning coffee there, looking out
over the "parcelle" in which we lived.



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