The Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Barack H. Obama, has not always lived up to the World's expectation. (Salomon Valaka)




But let us look at the history
behind the Nobel Prize. No matter what field taken into consideration (science,
medicine, politics); the prize had always been bestowed after a meaningful
achievement or a concrete contribution from a particular individuals. Several
politicians and world Figures, thus have been bestowed with this honor before
him: Civil Right icon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., President Jimmy Carter, Bishop
Desmond Tutu, President Nelson Mandela who shared the price with his predecessor,
President Declerk, Mother Theresa, Dalai Lama, to name just few.




All of this is to say that being
chosen as a Nobel Prize Winner in any given field is a symbol of good work that
has benefited mankind. This is why the entire world, including President Obama
himself, was surprised, if not disturbed, when he was chosen to be the recipient
of this prestigious prize; he, who just spent a couple of months in office
without any clear breakthrough toward his electoral policies or any impact
whatsoever yet on world affairs.




We say this again; it is possible
that President Barack Obama is just one of those people who are unable to read the
signs of time. This would explain why he is unable to understand the message
sent to him, through at this level of recognition as a man of peace (sic). It
is even plausible that the President has underestimated the world’s
expectations for the one whose election has symbolized hope for all of the
underprivileged and minorities around the world.  




Either way, most of us are having
problems to believing that President Obama really deserved his Nobel Peace
Prize at that particular moment of history considering the way his
administration has approached world crises. Many of those crises lie in the
Democratic Republic of the Congo. One relates to the
multitude of human rights violations by security forces, including the unlawful
arrests and arbitrary detention of citizens during the electoral process. Another
relates even more to the way Congolese are subjected to injustice and brutal
abuse of power from the very people who are supposed to protect them, the
police. The most reprehension crisis relates to the daily rape of Congolese
women on all levels of the society. Last but not least, the most dangerous crisis
lies on the daily violation of the democracy principles as we know them.




Today the lack of intervention by
the Obama administration to protect democracy in the Congo found its place in
American politics. During the Republican primary debate, Mitt Romney has
accused the President for not addressing all forms of the abuse taking place in
the Congo. Mitt Romney raising this issue does not make him better than his
political opponent. It is pure politics that will never resolve the crisis in
the Congo. This issue has been raised time and time again. The fact of the
matter is that the Congolese-Americans are deeply divided when it comes to the
impact of America politics in the Congo. Some have suggested giving President
Obama time to see what he can do during his second term. Their argument is
based the fact the President must be judged at the end of his second term. To
this group, we simply say that American Presidents are elected for four years
terms which he must show clear progress on what he is trying to accomplish.
Since the second term is not a done deal at all, we must base our evaluation on
what is present.




What appears to be present in the
chaotic environment where multitude
rights violations occur also with arbitrary arrests and detention
, violent and brutal abuse of power by police, the rapes of women and the
killing of the democracy principles in the Congo, in a few words is that those
crises are openly supported by President Barack Obama and his administration.




What is also visual is the double
standard sustained by Barack Obama in world affairs when Africa is involved. As
usual, what America foreign policy condemns in other parts of the world, is
simply fair play for the "Dark Continent." This is why a case will
always be made against Barack Obama when it comes to his contribution to democracy
and world peace, and his legacy will always be a subject of concern especially
for the Africans on the south sub-Saharan.  






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