Tears For Syria; Hypocrisy For Congo (Yaa-Lengi Ngemi)

There is a Civil War taking place in Syria,
with one group of Syrians fighting another group of Syrians for power,
much like the American Civil War of 1861 between the South and the
North. On the other hand,  the powers now roaring loudly with
respect to Syria have maintained deafening silence and are in fact
accomplices in the Holocaust of over 7 million people in the Democratic
Republic of Congo (DRC).

The violence is being perpetrated by
foreigners on Congolese; the culprits are Western allies and clients,
namely,  Gen. Yoweri K.  Museveni of Uganda and Gen. Paul Kagame of
 Rwanda. The other key piece is Gen. Kagame’s Trojan Horse in Kinshasa, a
Rwandan Tutsi named Hyppolite Kanambe, who goes by the name Joseph

How can powers such as the U.S., Britain and France
denounce events in Syria for vociferously while maintaining total
silence about the Congo holocaust?

Part of the reason why the
Western powers ignore the abundant evidence implication both Uganda and
Rwanda in Congo's crimes is that the West gets Congo’s minerals through
Rwanda and Uganda, as if it is necessary for millions of Congolese to
die for the West to have access to these minerals.  Rwanda, for example,
has become an exporter of minerals, including diamonds, which it does
not even produce and which are found only in the DRC.

million Congolese perished during an earlier Holocaust, between
1887-1907, under the diabolical reign of Belgium’s King Leopold II. At
that time Americans and the British reacted with revulsion. Joseph
Conrad called it “the vilest scramble for loot that has ever disfigured
the human conscience.”

Contrast this with the Congo genocide,
since 1997 when the country was invaded by Uganda and Rwanda. Six years
ago,  when the body counts had already reached 4 million, an article by
Johann Hari, in the May 5, 2006 issue of the U.K.'s The Independent
newspaper noted the neglect under the headline “Congo’s Tragedy: the War
the World Forgot”.

Writing of the victims, Hari noted,
 "these four million people have died in the dark, unnoticed and
unmourned. The generations living in the West today have said nothing
while the country has been reduced to near-Leopoldian levels of
desperation by the scramble for loot, conducted on our behalf and for
our benefit…”

How can the West cry out about the “legitimate
aspirations of Syrian people” and say nothing while Gen. Kagame,  Gen.
Museveni, and Kanambe preside over unfathomable crimes in the Congo:
massacres of Congolese people; gang rapes; and, whole scale theft of
natural and mineral resources.

The U.S., U.K., and France have
kept this Holocaust under wraps without ever denouncing them or showing
the same type of outrage and pompous indignation as we see directed
towards Syria. Yet, what about the “legitimate aspirations of the
Congolese people”?

On November 28, 2011,  the Congolese
overwhelmingly voted for Etienne Tshisekedi, for president. Even though
he was the victor, when Kanambe, a.k.a. Joseph Kabila, declared himself
the winner there was no outcry from the same Western powers. When there
were popular protests the regime unleashed its security forces and
dozens of unarmed Congolese were killed.

As armed groups
created by Uganda and Rwanda continue to cause havoc, especially in
eastern Congo, the mayhem allows the two countries to continue
exploiting Congo's resources. The different "militias" and "rebels," are
nothing but creations of Gen. Kagame and Gen. Museveni.

the case of Uganda, it was found liable for what amounts to crimes
against humanity and war crimes in the Congo, by the International Court
of Justice (ICJ) in 2005: Ugandan engaged in plundering the Congo’s
resources for six years while committing mass rape and slaughter of the
population.  The Court ruled that Uganda had to pay the Congo $10
billion in restitution — not one penny has been paid.

addition to the several United Nations reports showing Rwanda's and
Uganda's roles in Congo's Holocaust, Gen. Kagame continues to protect
Gen. Laurent Nkunda Batware, who is wanted for war crimes in Congo and
is now safely living in Rwanda. Similarly,  Gen.  Kagame is now
protecting Bosco Ntanganda, who also did his bidding in the DRC, and is
now wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Nkunda himself also spoke of  Kanambe's (a.k.a. Joseph Kabila) status
in remarks on Radio Bwiza in 2008: "Well,if by Rwandan soldiers you mean
 all those who served in the  Rwandan Patriotic Front, the RPF, and
then in the Rwandan  Patriotic Army, the RPA of  General Paul Kagame,
then the Congolese people have a very serious problem to solve, because
their own president  who was elected  with more than 58 %,  namely,
Joseph Kabila,  is not only a Tutsi as myself, but he is also a former
RPF soldier as myself. "

After the earlier 2006 fraudulent elections, the Congolese
population finally understood why Gen. Kanambe he never once condemned Museveni's and
Kagame's crimes committed in eastern Congo — he was Rwandan Tutsi and
an agent of Paul Kagame.  During the last election, the Congolese people
kept chanting “Zongisa ye na Rwanda” which is Lingala for “send him
back to Rwanda”.

It's not only Congolese who are talking
about Rwanda's Trojan Horse. Referring to the last election, Peter
Verlinden,  a Belgian reporter, observed in an interview on a Flemish TV
station, in Brussels, in December 2011, "His name is Hyppolite Kanambe,
and he is Rwandan," meaning, therefore as a non-Congolese, Verlinden
said, "Kanambe could have never won …."

The Western powers
have acted as accomplices in the Congo Holocaust. The powers have never
convened special Security Council sessions to denounce Gen. Kagame, Gen.
Museveni, and Gen. Kanambe, a.k.a. “Joseph Kabila”, or to call for
action as has been done for Syria.

The cries and appeals by
Africans and Congolese for the victims have been ignored. White
reporters, Americans and Europeans– such as Keith Snow, Lynne Duke,
Johann Hari, Eve Ensler, and Peter Verlinden– have also exposed the
Congo Holocaust. Yet the major corporate media, often mouthpieces of the
governments, have maintained a conspiracy of silence.

have been several United Nations reports detailing Rwanda's role in
Congo's Holocaust, including "The Mapping Report" reluctantly published
by the UN on October 1, 2010.

The most recent United Nations
report also established the Rwandan regime's role in fomenting a
"rebellion" by sending Rwandan soldiers to eastern Congo and creating
another “militia” called M23. Gen. Kagame's goal is to muddy the
situation in eastern Congo so that warlord Gen. Bosco Ntangada is not
caught and sent to the Hague. Belatedly, the U.S. announced suspension
of $200,000 in military assistance, when already millions has been
provided. There was no talk of accountability and prosecution at the

Some of the most horrific and
despicable crimes includes gang-raping young Congolese women by the
Rwanda-created militias and then shooting the victims through their
genitals. Many of them have lived to tell their unfortunate stories.

Yet Rwanda is still considered an "ally" by the U.S., the U.K., and France.

there any leaders in the West who are fed up at being manipulated and
made fools of by Gen. Kagame and Gen. Museveni?  Aren't the Western
powers ashamed of their blatant hypocrisy, raising Cain against Assad,
Russia, and China while pussy-footing around the Holocaust in the

The millions of Congolese who have been killed by the forces
unleashed by Gen. Kagame, Gen. Museveni and Gen. Kanambe cannot be
brought back. The over two million women and little girls gang-raped and
those whose private parts have been mutilated may never become mothers

But the clock of history continues to tick and surely the
blood of the Congolese victims will also be in the hands of the Western
powers who continue to support Gen. Kagame, Gen. Museveni and Gen.

Note: Readers please help the people of Congo
voice your outrage by demanding that the U.S., U.K., and France stop
supporting Rwanda's and Uganda's atrocities inside Congo. In the U.S.
please call The State Department, The White House and your Congressional
Ngemi, is an author and President of Congocoaltion –The Coalition for
Peace, Justice, and Democracy in the Congo-Zaire. 

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